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Vidya, Montreal

This was a powerful performance I loved the end of the show where the focus turns to accepting who you are and where you are at a particular moment in time, living life in accordance to our termsAfter the show, I started to think about my “Who am I” question and the answer that I had been evolving for a little while now. I am now letting it marinate.



Rashid, Montreal

I was told I had to see your show. Im going to tell more people to see it! I loved how much story you managed to put in an hour and it didnt feel rushed. It was so rich, it is a great play, and I will unhesitatingly recommend it. My favorite was your friend in India it felt like I was listening to someone in India telling this story and I wanted that food, or second option, I wanted to go home and cook it.



Fofi, Montreal

Best show ever in English. Out of the plane moments I think you have all the people who are from abroad in this moment. Its the kind of play where you want to say, thank you.



Dalia, Montreal

A quote that our English teacher told us: make them laugh, make them cry, make them wait. Your story did all those things. I love how in the beginning you threw in the name and I love how stories have a loop. For great creative writing, to draw people in, is to use all the senses you did that. I felt like I knew the joke, you totally drew us in. I felt like I had Indian parents. All your impersonations were wicked.



Roa, Montreal

I teach at Concordia University and Ive always been interested in culture and womens issues. Your play is very bold which I appreciate, politically I would say, and its universal, you have the complexity. Youre talking to South Asians but mainstream White audiences can relate too, and its very well acted. Your movements, your change of costume, your props, every little detail was way above average. The writing was funny, there was drama and it was heartfelt.



Sarah, Montreal

I thought your personalities were so fluid. I was really impressed by your different accents. Especially in Canada, I think more people than are supposed to have a sense of conflict. I think you put a really good spin on finding who you are. I have a Jewish parent and a French Canadian parent and I shouldnt have problems but I still feel confused . Youre an amazing performer.



John McNeil, Montreal

I met an old blind woman and she held my hand, and she told me she knew all about me. When I heard you say a line, it triggered that memory. In one of your dark moments with your friend, I thought, we all know someone like that.



Byron, Montreal

I go to a lot of theatre and there is a commonality in the immigrant experience it is similar to the Jewish, the Italian, the Chinese. Its very difficult but amazing about the creative force that comes out of it.



Michael, Montreal

Your eyes were very expressive the rage, the fear, the excitement, it came across very well, very powerful. Your father is such a strong character to give you so much leeway.



Ivan Smith, Montreal

It really spoke to me. I was born in India and came to Montreal. I think one of the most important things you say is the significance of becoming yourself or freeing yourself to love, is to first totally accepting yourself, and perhaps going back to your roots as well. Beyond that, I thought it was a real tour de force. Your characters were very entertaining.



Kivashnadi, Montreal

Im Sri Lankan, so when you were talking, I could relate it to myself. I learned about it through my English class and were glad we saw this performance. The way you acted your mom was amazing!



Cheryl, Montreal

Youre a very versatile, whimsical actress. I enjoyed it thoroughly, it was from the heart and soul. I loved the way you wove your props, almost effortlessly, you should be very proud.



Alex, Montreal

It comes out that it was strongly felt and lived. My favorite character is your friend in India shes fascinating. The way that she finds in her situation, the wisdom, the strength to guide you I found her so nuanced. This Indian woman in a traditional setting connecting with you who is in a new culture, completely different culture, navigating similar problems, but completely different, I found that beautiful.



Raj, Montreal

My father was an Indian diplomat so I grew up in London, Denamrk and New Zealand and they always tried to make sure we had an Indian thing to return to, so there was a clash in culture. I liked the way you reconciled that you can never escape your Indianness, it will always be a part of you. You cant ever escape your stereotype, even your own culture pulls you back into it. My favorite character was you growing up. The show resonated.



Miriam, Montreal

Im Canadian-Pakistani and I recognized the characters your friend from India, your mother, it was very familiar to me.



Keri Lawrence, Montreal

I loved Beenie because I saw how it affected you. I dont know your mother, but I love her already. My mother couldnt cook, so you are very lucky.



Mary, Montreal

My favorite character is your mother. Your face is so expressive and you showed that she cared, but you also show the difference between you and your mother.



Charles, Montreal

It was wonderful. The autobiographical part was the best youre very expressive and you drew me in. Your mom should come cook for us I got a real sense of character from her. She seems like a wonderful person.



Reginald, Montreal

I enjoyed the change in feelings it was sometimes a little bit sad, sometimes a little bit funny, sometimes a little bit deep. It was really like watching a movie, it was perfect.



Lisa Perez, Long Island

It was amazing, the characters were wonderful. It was definitely a great show my favorite was, of course, the Puerto Rican!



Hirschel, Montreal

Excellent show the idea of being able to love yourself, being able to realize who you are and being able to accept yourself is very important for every human being.



Johnny Jacque, Benefit Performance for “A Slice of Hope”, NYC

I’m Haitian but I live in Brooklyn. I thought the show was excellent, engaging, I’ve never felt like this before. I feel like this should be on HBO or somewhere major. She is definitely ready for Prime Time. I definitely connected to the parts about coming here and not being accepted, and feeling like being a part of a different culture.



Rachel Desir, Benefit Performance for “A Slice of Hope”, NYC

They Call Me Q!” is a piece that everyone can relate to. I felt myself relating to the characters and captivated by the “mother” character. I kept saying to my self: Hey that’s totally something my mother would say! I am officially a fan. Where would the world be without the threatre/arts?!



Mak Calixte, Benefit Performance for “A Slice of Hope”, NYC

It was awesome. Qurrat Ann Kadwani deserved her awards!

Ruby Alam, Benefit Performance for “A Slice of Hope”, NYC

Funny, thought-provoking, reminiscent, touching, real some words that come to mind after seeing “They Call Me Q!” You were an amazing performer!



Nikki Chawla, Benefit Performance for “A Slice of Hope”, NYC

I loved the show because it revealed alot about the truth. What resonated for me, as a South Asian, is just unveiling yourself and not being afraid of what you have to say. I remember the most about the mother’s part how food is so important, and having a conversation about marriage, because that’s so big here with Indian women and what you’re going to do with your life, alot of the stuff I could identify with. She had so many different characters which was really nice to see because it was very vibrant and colorful and I thoiught that was just amazing that she was abole to put that out there, have everyone be in her world and take us on a journey. I think every father wants the best for their child. They just don’t know how to express it. They do it in a stern way, but they speak with a gentle heart. You just have to understand it. Q really got into her father’s shoes she may not have understood it then, but she understands it now.



Karen Zuvic, Benefit Performance for “A Slice of Hope”, NYC

This is the second time I’m seeing the show she’s just wonderful, mesmerizing. I’m a principal at a school when the father comes in to talk about their kids there’s a lot of love, you can’t always see it, but it’s there. It resonated.



Michael Zuvic, Benefit Performance for “A Slice of Hope”, NYC

I surprised my mom tonight last time, she enjoyed the show so much, I didn!’t even tell her we were coming. She said, what a nice surprise!



Meryl Weiss, Benefit Performance for “A Slice of Hope”, NYC

I think one of the most touching parts is the sudden death very gripping, and moving. The whole performance was moving. I could see how the death affected her and what a caring person she is.



Geraldo Robles, Benefit Performance for “A Slice of Hope”, NYC

I finally got to see the show starring Qurrat Ann Kadwani.It was awesome! Everyone should go and see her.



Dorothy Pearlman, Benefit Performance for “A Slice of Hope”, NYC

Through all the incidents we all experience in school, with contemporaries and family in each case, she was able to find her own strength through whatever was happening around her. She seemed to feel secure in herself as a person she absorbed everything and enjoyed everything. She is quite good, she is very comfortable up there in her own skin.



Vipul Sharma, Benefit Performance for “A Slice of Hope”, NYC

I thoroughly enjoyed her performance. Being somebody who is a first generation child of Indian immigrants in the Tri-State area just otside the city, I’ve related. It was enjoyable to see her bring that to the stage. I think to be so publicly visible about it there’s a shared bond, to see it in a raw manner was refreshing. The father character is something characteristic of most Immigrant parents because of what it took for them to pack up their things and literally move halfway across the world, for education or professional opportunities, because they had the resilience, strength to do that, there’s tough love that they portray, but at the end of the day, they only want, at least in their opinion, what they think isbest for you.



Joanne Simpson, Benefit Performance for “A Slice of Hope”, NYC

Alot of it did touch me a flashback of being in a new country. I actually lived in the Bronx, moved here from Jamiaca, having an accent, being in a new enviroment.It was reconciling yourself to a new culture, into a new identity and how do you integrate and how do you find yourself. For the first few years, I pushed away everything American, so the play was really good. My father is a little stricter engineer, very analytical, very cool. I definitely can relate to the father because my father is like, here’s the reality life is not a bed of roses. You figure out that when they’re there all the time, telling you things you don’t want to hear, that’s love.



Sam Kemp, Benefit Performance for “A Slice of Hope”, NYC

I thought it was very enjoyable. I appreciate Q’s ability to easily switch in and out of character. I felt she was able to portray the emotion that comes with each of those individuals very well. I had a different upbringing, but I could understand the emotions she was feeling. As a father myself, I think its a good way for her father to be. Parents need to always show love, but they need to establish guidelines.



Ragini Jain, Benefit Performance for “A Slice of Hope”, NYC

Just watched “THEY CALL ME Q”! Such an amazing play that all South Asians should go & see!



Paris Crayton, Atlanta

Saw the most AMAZING one woman show I think I’ll ever experience it was simply perfection! Ever experienced a show so good that you had to see it twice? Yeah, I’m gonna make that happen.



Rachel McIntosh, Orlando

The show is amazing your presence, your personality. You’re emotional and you drew me in. I felt the passion in the way you spoke and the way you presented yourself. I could have sat there for 2 more hours!



Eunice, Edinburgh

Ithought the show was really fantastic. It’s fun and at the same time beautiful its relevant culturally and politically. Its beautiful that you show people the human side and that we’re all really the same.



Karina, Orlando, 12 and a half years old

I thought it was a very inspiring show. I got that you should be yourself and not be who everyone wants you to be.



Kirk Henny, Atlanta

Your show was unbelievable! It was not only impressive and entertainingit was HONESTsomething that many artists claim they strive for, but few get it or even actually want ityou did BOTH!!



Katie Perry, Orlando

I appreciated the genuineness of the characters. The friend in India I loved it was beautiful to hear her opinion. I left the theatre with more than when I came in.



Suzanna Faison, Production Assistant Orlando Fringe

You made me cry 4 times and it was unbelievably amazing. It opened up my mind made me want to travel, eat awesome food and made me appreciate the culture of others.



Taylor McMullen, Louisiana

I also lost a friend and leading up into that moment, I thought your choices were powerful and the treatment of it kinda wrapped my heart and had me til the very end.



Jennifer, Ohio

I’m Black and I grew up in a White neighborhood, so I get it. I’m one in 5 siblings and I loved your mom moms are the same no matter what culture.



Paula Ann Wilbur, Orlando

I grew up in the South in the 50s and my teacher never got my name right, She always called me Wilbur Ann and I stopped responding to her. I said, Wilbur is a pig in Charlotte’s Web. I’m Paula Ann Wilbur. I really loved your show!



Sunita Sukhraj, Orlando

You had me pulled in from the beginning. It wasn’t like a play, it was so real. When your friend tells you to be yourself, that got me. And your Indian father was very impressive!



Mr. Jatrani, Lend-A-Hand India Fundraiser NYC

Beautiful, very well done! This is very unique, the history reminds all of us, what we went through, what our children went through and where they stand right now. Im very proud of the show!



Ireen Bary, B4U Host, Lend-A-Hand India Fundraiser NYC

I could relate in so many ways. I grew up in Pennsylvania in a one race community and I could feel her pain. Her parents are pretty much like mine too. I was tearing up I felt connected. Its amazing how one person can do so many roles. I hope she does more shows and I hope she makes it big.



James Emmerich, Lend-A-Hand India Fundraiser NYC

I thought the play was really dynamic. Shes funny but also serious, shes sad, intelligent, clever, its a lot of fun, like a rollercoaster.



Dina Denis, Lend-A-Hand India Fundraiser NYC

I absolutely enjoyed the show, I found it inspiring to watch. At moments, I felt like someone telling a similar story that I experienced. It was phenomenal, heartfelt and I really appreciated it!



Tanzeel Kayani, B4U Producer, Lend-A-Hand India Fundraiser NYC

Im from The Bronx. Qurrat ripped the play. She did her thing. She performed her heart, her soul, her blood, her sweat, her tears. I cant express in words how proud I am of her.



Ashish, Lend-A-Hand India Fundraiser NYC

I really liked the club scene, it was really cool, she really translated that feeling of being in a club for the first time, coming in underage and letting loose.



Bolti Studios, Lend-A-Hand India Fundraiser NYC

Q was amazing, surprised me. Very emotional ,very funny, it was a great show. I loved it.



Ese, Lend-A-Hand India Fundraiser NYC

I thought the show was really great, very relatable to my own self!



Antoine Jackson, Brooklyn

I thought it was a fantastic show!



Sanjeev, Lend-A-Hand India Fundraiser NYC

The variety of personalities was fantastic, it was a great experience!



Anita, Lend-A-Hand India Fundraiser NYC

Acting was amazing, writing was really great. Moving and funny, it was a great combination!



Sonia Lawani, Desi Talk and News India Times, Sankara Eye Foundation Fundraiser NYC

I loved the show! Qurrat is an awesome, versatile actress the way she switched the accents was awesome! Everything was so good. Her own self was the best her experiences as a child I loved it! It was worth watching.



Babul, TV Asia, Sankara Eye Foundation Fundraiser NYC

Good play people should see it. I liked her childhood characters and her NYC life.



Arpan Boghani, Sankara Eye Foundation Fundraiser NYC

My favorite character was her. Even though she kept changing characters, I liked the girl from the Bronx.



Manik, Sankara Eye Foundation Fundraiser NYC

Very good job with the cultural stereotypes



Kavita Dasgupta, Sankara Eye Foundation Fundraiser NYC

Everything touched me all the accents, the style, the body language.



Freeha Azher, Sankara Eye Foundation Fundraiser NYC

It was awesome! I liked the character in India. The mom is a staple I see similar people in Pakistan.



Ellen Lam, Sankara Eye Foundation Fundraiser NYC

I really liked the woman in India really good acting!



Jason Ramos, Sankara Eye Foundation Fundraiser NYC

Fantastic! The whole play was great. I was completely impressed! I liked it when she got punched for the first time.



Jesse Perez, Sankara Eye Foundation Fundraiser NYC

I’m from The Bronx and I could relate it was a great show! Qurrat is very funny- I like all her characters, especially her mom.



Michael Pulliam, Maui Fringe Festival Coordinator 2013

I’ve read the play but this was the first time I saw it performed and I thought it was very funny and moving. I like the dad character alot he’s a funny guy!



Lee Ho’omana, Maui Fringe Festival 2013

I’m not a big theatre guy but I’m glad I came! I was impressed. I’m Black Hawaiian and there weren’t many Blacks where I was raised. I was teased and I could relate. There’s stereotypes everywhere and the play speaks to many people.



T, Maui Fringe Festival 2013

Absolutely amazing, filled my heart! I was mesmerized the whole time. She told some of my story. I thought, if I could transform my pain from childhood like she does, then everything would be ok.



Zack, Maui Fringe Festival 2013

I was thinking of Whoopi Goldberg when I saw her on Broadway! I loved your mother and how much she really loves her daughter.



Cleta, Maui Fringe Festival 2013

My name is Cleta and no one ever pronounces it correctly. They always ask me where did you get this name, how long have you had this name? Is it a family name? I could totally relate.



Laura, Maui Fringe Festival 2013

My family was from New England but I grew up in the segregated South and I was completely lost. I joined the Debate team that gave me a sense of power, and I felt we had similar challenges, being a duck out of water.



Matthew Gurewitsch, Maui Fringe Festival 2013

I loved the show I came to see it again because I wanted to remember the stories. I wanted to keep them. I loved your brother because he was so still and he told you not to cry and because he told you to cry and I felt that was very touching. In the transitions, you could see how the peices fit there was nothing missing. Your attention was clear, so exact.



Peter, Maui Fringe Festival 2013

Towards the end when we are experiencing the cultural aspects of India directly,it was very comforting. It was what I was waiting for the whole time. I was sitting there and experiencing it with you.



Tom Blackburn-Rodriguez, Judge, Maui Fringe Festival 2013

That was a great performance the point of view, the different perspectives! It surprised me how well you were able to bring the parent characters to life! That was clearly an enlightening and enriching experience!



May, Maui Fringe Festival 2013

I’m Japanese but I was born in Hawaii and I related to all of it!



Josh, Maui Fringe Festival 2013

I liked seeing you grow up in college, cuz that’s where I’m at right now. I’m still finding myself- what have I done, who am I and parents telling you to do certain things. Really awesome!



Terez, Maui Fringe Festival 2013

You pulled out so many great lessons, little golden nuggets, and what got me was the Indian woman who was waiting for her suitors she had somehow resigned herself to her existence but she was still happy.



Michael Geffner, NYC Producer of The Inspired Word

Alot of her themes are universal growing up, not being accepted, making a name for yourself, trying to come out from your parents. Qurrat is so talented whatever she feels on stage, you’ll feel in the audience, I know I felt it. I at no time lost interest, I never faded, not for one second. She kept the storyline so smooth, it was seamless. Just an outstanding performance!



Heather Butts, NYC at The Inspired Word

I took a college student that I mentor to the show and she loved it! The show is definitely good from an educational perspective. Q’s talent is boundless and this is clear when you see how she weaves the various characters into the story. I highly recommend this show for educators and look forward to future show’s from this talented artist.



Jen DiOrio, NYC at The Inspired Word

Cultural differences. Racism. Bullies. Family. Identity. Religion. Self love and hate. So much to respond toyour voice needs to be heardand I am glad it’s happening, especially in this country right now.



Arti Vaidya, NYC at The Inspired Word

It was more than just a play, it was a reality. I brought all my friends with me, we can share it together, we can discuss it, we can relate and it’s great to know that we’re not alone. It was phenomenal!



Vandana Nagaraj, NYC at The Inspired Word

I think it was really impressive that she was able to amalgamate all these different characters. There’s so much that’s unspoken, that we’re not allowed to tell anyone; there’s no place to tell people we were bullied and I think its important to have figures like Qurrat to say it.



David Rey Martinez, NYC at The Inspired Word

I was displaced from my Panamanian community in the Bronx. It felt as if everyone connected with something in your play and I wanted to see more.



Kathryn Brown, NYC at The Inspired Word

I’m a repeat audience member and I loved it just as much as the first time. Her journey is astonishing and I love her courage!



Sean Mallory, NYC at The Inspired Word

I loved your showyou deliver such a brilliant performance. I’m so glad that my friend suggested it to me! I’ll tell all of my friends about you! Keep up the great work and talent.



Frank Annor, NYC at The Inspired Word

I’m not an Indian woman but I love a story about being fresh out of water and someone persevering. Everyone has had that moment. I felt it. Everyone felt it.



Anish Ayyappan, NYC at The Inspired Word

I thought her impersonation of herself as a 13 year old talking to her mom was spot on. It reminded me of myself at that age wanting to have another culture, with another identity that is more comfortable and accessible.



Lily Wrynn, NYC at The Inspired Word

I loved the story about her parents, because I think anyone with immigrant parents can relate to that. I felt that she was speaking about my grandmother, my grandfather.



Ruth Katz, NYC at VTG Harvest Festival

Wow, just wow, show was awesome!!! Well done on all accounts! I feel like this could really take off!



Heather Hume, NYC at VTG Harvest Festival

The show is fantastic. Qurrat is a powerhouse. Everyone has to go!



Elizabeth Juenger, NYCat VTG Harvest Festival

Amazing show!!!! For those of you who haven’t been, you’re missing out!!!



Russ Horowitz, NYC at VTG Harvest Festival

Great show! Was entertaining and fun to watch from start to end!!!



Annalissa Vicencio, NYC at VTG Harvest Festival

So many authentic nuances of The Bronx, growing up in the 90s, what it means to be Asian, American and Asian-Americana beautiful work of art.



Marisa Uranovsky, NYC at VTG Harvest Festival

I really loved it. It is such a wonderful story. One that everyone can relate to which is what makes it so special.I especially loved the way you drastically transitioned from character to character, and we could all tell so easily who it was that was coming onto the stage. AMAZING!



Annie Burns, NYC at VTG Harvest Festival

The show is PHENOMENAL!



Jamie Hanson, NYC at VTG Harvest Festival

Knowing you personally made your performance all the better, but even if we were perfect strangers, I would have thought you were completely endearing and inspiring. Congratulations on such an amazing show.



Erin Sloan, NYC at VTG Harvest Festival

Great performance, I didn’t want it to be over!



Tracy Fletcher, Chicago Fringe Festival

Fantastic show! Great storytelling, depth of characters, humor and honesty. Thanks so much for the invitation and bringing the show to Chicago. (ps. my 13 yr old son enjoyed it as well!)



Ruby Yo, Chicago Fringe Festival

You were WONDERFUL!!! YOU’RE VERY TALENTED!! Loved the show!!



Kenneth Wright, Chicago Fringe Festival

Off the chain!



Joe Kollege, Chicago Fringe Festival

I really enjoyed your show. You’re dope!!!



Asha Mathew, Chicago Fringe Festival

GREAT SHOW!!! Loved knowing there was someone else out there with brown girl problems!!! Thought provoking and fun, I suggest all my brown queens watch this show.



Schae Lewis, Chicago Fringe Festival

The show was fantastic. I am so glad I spent the time and money to see it! Great job!



Shah Riaz, Chicago Fringe Festival

What a great performance!