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“This spunky monologue, equal parts stand-up comedy and reality

confessional, delivers A WINNING TALE thanks to author and actor Qurrat Ann Kadwani’s dead-on impersonations of New Yorkers and some unselfconscious spoofing of her own immigrant iterations growing up tough in the Bronx.”

“Very wise advice, living beyond the dream, giving wisdom and strength to her audiences everywhere.”

“A woman who shapes the future!”

"Filled with charm, humor and heart, They Call Me Q is comedic without seeming over the top, and thought provoking without being preachy."

"As I sat enrapt, all I could think was this show should be performed in every junior high and high school throughout the world,but especially the US. Ms. Kadwani is not only a talented writer but a terrific actress."

“Kadwani’s loveliness, non-brash confidence, genial reflections on people in her past not at all genial, and seemingly effortless slipping-intos of other personas combine to weave a real, intimate, and surprisingly touching tale. Rewarding on a life-size scale.”

“A multitude of characters vividly portrayed and funnyKadwani is like the girl next door.”

“The success of the play depends solely on her acting talent. What is impressive, is how quickly Qurrat transitions between one character to another especially the ones that require complete changes in her accent. The audience cannot help but become immersed in Qs story!”