“Q the Applause…a winning tale!” - The Village Voice

“Filled with charm, humor and heart.” - NY Theatre Guide

“Ms. Kadwani is not only a talented writer but a terrific actress." - Times Square Chronicles

“Rewarding on a life-size scale." - Stage Buddy

"A multitude of characters vividly portrayed.” - Theasy

“The audience cannot help but become immersed in Q's story!" - Urban Asian

“A veritable house on fire.” - CurtainUp

“A nimble, polished production.” -

“Its Qurrats journey holding your focus the entire time.” - Truly New York

“A confident, charismatic performer,Kadwani delivers poignant moments as well as laughs.” - Montreal Gazette

“They Call Me Q stands out. Its witty, polished and inspiring to young women in search of freedom and identity.” - Montreal Gazette Weekend

“Qurrat Ann Kadwani is a strong (and beautiful) performer who morphs into the different characters of her youth effortlessly; her accents are strong, her mannerisms believable.” - Bloody Underrated

“Kadwanis amazing presence and delivery definitely makes her a force to be reckoned with.” - The Charlebois Post

“A jazzy gem, in the ranks of John Leguizamo, Spalding Gray & Camryn Manheim!" - Beyond Criticism

“Her accents and body movements are flawless.” - Usher Nonsense

“We get hooked into Kadwanis roles and its hilarious.” - Front Row Center

“An hour well spent with a wicked smart and genuinely funny performer.” - Infinite Body

“Qurrat Ann Kadwani is a theatrical force of nature, embodying 13 distinct characters in this emotionally affecting exercise in multi-cultural anthropology.” - Orlando Weekly

“In some rare cases, a decision to share tales of one’s past can give the audience a theatrical experience that it will remember far after the last bow.” - Broadway World

“A performer who is so versatile in her many faces, yet so comfortable within her own skin.” - MD Theatre Guide

“Her transitions from character to character are seamless.” - Asian Fortune News

“It’s a true gift to be able to distill the true essentials from the vast sea of experiences, and Kadwani does it very, very well.” - Washington City Paper

“The keys to Q's superiority in a crowded genre? Specificity and perspective.” - DC Theater Scene

“If you are interested in shedding a tear, laughing out loud or relating to a journey of self-identity you need to check out They Call Me Q" - Urban Milan

“She handed the audience issues of gender, global privilege, brown minority identity in America, family and more. She totally blew it away. She actually accomplished the task of making me think.” - India in NY