THEY CALL ME Q is the perfect programming for your college or university!

This is valuable education as well as entertainment for students in the following departments: Campus Activities, Diversity and Multicultural, International, Theater, English, Global Studies, Womens and Gender Studies, Creative Writing.

The Performance: 60 minute Show includes a Q&A where students can take part in a discussion about the themes presented in THEY CALL ME Q and how these themes impact their current lives. Themes discussed are culture, identity, bullying, individual and institutional power, gender roles, friendship and pressures, and family, and of course, the development of the play.
Pricing: (Please contact to discuss exact rates.)


Single: Includes The Performance + Q&A
2 out of 3: Discount Block Rate (if we can book a 2nd school in the area within 3 days)
3 out of 5: Discount Block Rate (if we can book 3 schools in the area within 5 days)
5 out of 7: Discount Block Rate (if we can book 5 schools in the area within 7 days)

Workshops: (add-ons)

Diversity and the Meaning of Multiculturalism
Acting with Meaningful Characters
Writing the Real Story