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Amy, Sophomore, University of Wisconsin Oshkosh

WOW! Best performance/speaker I have seen on campus to date.



Erin, Freshman,University of Wisconsin Oshkosh

I would see her again and again! It was very good!



Mark, Freshman, University of Wisconsin Oshkosh

Awesome Performance!



Clive, Senior, University of Wisconsin Oshkosh

Intriguing and interactive to watch.



Marlene, Freshman, University of Wisconsin Oshkosh

Great show, very entertaining.



Michael, Sophomore, University of Wisconsin Oshkosh

Overall, it was a very thought provoking show and useful program. Thank you!



Lisa, Junior, University of Wisconsin Oshkosh

This was excellent!



Jayla, Junior, University of Wisconsin Oshkosh

Wonderful and touching story. Thank you for sharing it with us.



John, Freshman, University of Wisconsin Oshkosh

Great performance!



Owen, Junior, University of Wisconsin Oshkosh

Very moving and wonderful as well as funny.



Corey, Senior, University of Wisconsin Oshkosh

The play was very interesting but yet informative as well.



Erika, Senior, University of Wisconsin Oshkosh

Qurrat was a great performer and facilitator too! I found her energy to be wonderful. Thank you for bringing her to Oshkosh! I liked her informal meandering through her topics in the discussion more so than a lecture style that is moreformalized.



Oliver, SUNY Geneseo

It was fantastic everytime youswitched character you transformed.



Laura, SUNY Geneseo

My grandmotherimmigratedfrom Ireland. She didnt have a job, she had to figure out how to deal with 8 kids. Shes just very Irish and that was a big influence in my life. Its very different taking someone out of their culture and forcing them to assimilate into another one.



Devon, SUNY Geneseo

Rayyas character was really interesting because its easy from one perspective to say shes stuck. Its just her lifestyle and shes trying to be happy.



Sam, SUNY Geneseo

My favorite part is that youre from the Bronx I can relate to that. Transitioning into college, trying to get out of the zone youre used to. Thats exactly what Ive been through.



Stef, SUNY Geneseo

How do we get rid of stereotypes? How do we get rid of racist acts? I think its to get people cultured. Its speaking up. Its seeing shows like this. I saw people on campus wearing insenstive costumes for Halloween. We all should say, thats not right.



Dasha, SUNY Geneseo

I have to always be American and Congolese at the same time. My parents always have expectations for me, just like your dad I appreciate my culture but Im trying to figure it out.



Kash, Graduate Student, Tennessee State University

Im from India. Everything you said, Im going through that. Yes, it is so true! Marriage, coming here. My whole name is Kashmir but Ive heard it in so many different ways that Ive started saying Kash. I loved it, it was truly amazing, thank you for coming.



Ryan, Senior, Tennessee State University

Im from the Southside of Chicago. it was excellent. The way you dominated the entire show about your life, your story, your message and it was 100% motivating for a young dreamchaser. Somebody is thinking the same way were thinking, its motivational like no other.



Erica, Senior, Tennessee State University

I loved it all, especially the cooking part. Thats what my mom always says I need to do for my husband and I think, I need to learn how to do it for myself first.



Philip, Senior, Tennessee State University

The show was really great. Im African American from Chicago and it touched me that youre from the Bronx. The Divided Self is about having an American idenity and also having an ethnic identity, being pulled in both directions almost like youre coming out of your own skin. Your performance shows it takes that love to get through it, to get past it.



Iman, 7th grade

My favorite part was your dad. I liked how you talked in his accent and I liked how you explained him. He is somebody special to you. He says to try and do something to change your life.



Myriam, ESOL, Daytona State College

My favorite character is her mother, because she is very funny.



Crystal, ESOL, Daytona State College

All characters are good for me. She knows how to personify all characters, and her life is very similar to the lives of people who move here from other countries.



Ricardo, ESOL, Daytona State College

Very funny, realistic, remarkable.



Kaelyn, Junior, Daytona State College

She told a story that everyone needs to hear. Given the misrepresentation, misconception, and media of different people and cultures, its good to be reminded that different viewpoints matter.




I think it was really cool to see how throughout the entire play, you have the need to define yourself or find a definition through experiences but at the end you realize that the only real definition is you and who you are. Its not the name of a culture, you dont have to fit a mold, you create your own mold.




I liked the change of pace and when the whole vibe of the show changed. When something serious happened, it was really touching. It was a defining moment.




I liked hearing about the name plate necklace. I definitely remember having a moment like that when I was in Middle School. I grew up around a very Puerto Rican neighborhood and Im not Puerto Rican. Its comforting to see youre not the only person having an identity crisis. Its normal to want a different culture and to be a part of what everyone else is a part of.



Sarah, HofstraUniversity

I liked when you had the dialogue with you and your mother where you were trying to fit in more in the Bronx. I was only Jewish kid in my entire school district. So I really related to how you wanted to morph into everyone else. Well done!




My favorite character was the Mehndi girl because even though she was very Indian,she was almost more urban.



Ioni, Junior, Centre College

My mom is from Africa and my dad is from England Indian descent. Even though I wasnt raised in India, I could relate to the way you portrayed your parents, the way you had conflict with who you want tobe. I was raised in Western Kentucky around Caucasian people so I would typically try to be like them. There are always stereotypes of Indians I didnt know what to expect with the show and I loved it!



Amber, Junior, Centre College

I thought it was very entertaining. For our school, we usually have lectures where people just talk, so this was a nice change, to be engaged in the show and learn about cultural issues in a new way. When I came to Kentucky, it was one race and its kinda boring and there arent different ways of thinking here, so just having someone come in and open different doors, its great.



Joshua, Sophomore, Centre College

I enjoyed it, it was very funny. It talked about alot of different aspects of stereotypes but you didnt do it in a harsh or aggressive way. It was funny and subtle, and I liked that. My favorite part was the jump rope story.



Jamar, Senior, Centre College

I thought the show was very inspirational because there are alot of identity issues in our society today. Youre taking the younger perspective and showing all the different issues we go through.



Nicole, Senior, Centre College

My dadmigrated from England to NY when was 9 and I hear alot about what his family went through and what he wanted me to have. The show was very touching. I also lost a friend that I went to school with and you think about the people you surround yourself with, you wonder how much you really do know, how much does the place you grow up in really affect you, help you or hinder you. My favorite character was your father because although he spoke less, he had a strong presence, he had strength.



Casey, Alumna, Centre College

The show spoke to me on an emotional level. Its really an inspiring story. It looks at all aspects of life, it goes past high school, it shows the process and it was beautiful. The suicide scene is so powerful and it was hard to watch but it was such a true moment.



Haley, Senior, Centre College

I really enjoyed watching the narrative and the dynamics of the dichotomy of being American and being Indian or being non-White and being American. Im an Anthropology major, studying different racial issues, and its very good for me to see a different archetype of racial issue. I got really into the Henna story with the good luck message.



Sarah, Senior, Centre College

The show was really fun and funny. I came here from Haiti and I have Latino friends who I tried to be like too so I thought it was awesome.



Shomari, Freshman, Centre College

I loved the show, Im really big on diversity and I like hearing other peoples perspectives when it comes to difficult situations. I had problems with somebody in school and I got into more trouble than they did so I related to your story.



Donna, community member, Centre College

My favorite character was you. I liked the fact that you dealt with racism and prejudice.



Jessica,University of New England Biddeford and Portland

I loved how you started off with where do I fit in? I have friends who struggle with the same type of thing, and its nice to know you can encompass both cultures, be all of it.



Rob,University of New England Biddeford and Portland

We all like to believe that this country is so accepting of diversity and peoples differences but deep down theres a lot of misunderstanding and education that needs to go on. Just the conversation will open peoples eyes.



Brijap,University of New England Biddeford and Portland

I want to thank you. Im Indian. Your family expectations, I go through the same thing. Ive been here for 12 years and I feel Im a foreigner when I go back. That experience, the way you shared it, it was truly remarkable.



Maggie,University of New England Biddeford and Portland

I think you captured every emotion very well. I loved your mom cuz my mom is just like that.



Jason,University of New England Biddeford and Portland

Fantastic I could relate. My grandparents are Hungarian immigrants. Really understanding others cultures is ultimately how you want to treat patients, you want to be respectful so that youre not losing trust.



Erin,University of New England Biddeford and Portland

I go to see alot of shows but this was quite exceptional. I loved your mother. I laughed and teared up a few times.



Val,University of New England Biddeford and Portland

Ive lived in the US but Ive been raised in the American culture. Spanish people assume I speak Spanish and I dont. Its nice showing us that you can go back and find it because it is part of you.



Kat,University of New England Biddeford and Portland

Im from California and I immitated my Mexican friends. I related.



Debbie, Junior, Anna Maria College

My favorite character was the dancer. She was the one telling you not to let people define you, just be yourself.



Casey, Junior, Anna Maria College

I loved the end when you were explaining your name because I think having a meaning behind your name is important and it gave alot of value!



Jes, Senior, Anna Maria College

My favorite character was the Henna girl at the end because sharing the wealth and knowledge is what we should do help people progress.



Sandra, Senior, Anna Maria College

My parents are immigrants and I could relate to all the pressures.



Shawn, Senior, Anna Maria College

The Puerto Rican accent was pretty cool and I thought it was played off really well.



Nicole, Senior, Anna Maria College

Something that stuck out to me is that it is easier to be angry than to accept yourself. I liked the whole show!



Katie, Freshman,SUNY Cobleskill

I thought it was beautiful. It was awesome!



Michael, Junior,SUNY Cobleskill

I loved her mother, very real.



Ann, Faculty,SUNY Cobleskill

I liked her contrasting her culture with The Bronx.



Leah, Community Member,SUNY Cobleskill

I was very amazed! I related to the Indian woman. Its really a matter of how your culture comes around to you and the way it shapes your circumstances and the way you view life. I find that fascinating.