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Queensborough Community College, NY

“I would like to see more of this type of programming because diversity is important, and learning more about others cultures are important.”- Richard 

“It’s inspiring for girls.”- Fatima 

“My favorite part was when Q was on the train with henna on her hand because that’s when she finally loved herself as a whole.”- Angelee

“The mother was my favorite character because she reminds me of my mother.”- Jessica 

“I would definitely like to see more of this because those of us who feel that we have assimilated to the American Culture could use the empowerment that this show richly exemplifies.” - Gabriel

Loyola University, MD

“I would like to hear more stories about identity and experience in the U.S.”- Udval

“This was not only entertaining but gave a powerful message”- Maci 

“As a Latina woman, this is something all people, especially women of color need for self-love, self-care and empowerment.”- Tiffany

“My favorite part was the ending with your friend in India that gave you advice to live as an independent individual because that resonates with me and is something I really needed to hear at the moment.”- Nicole

“The mother, because she showed and enforced the appreciation of indian culture in an immigrant’s life who was trying to assimilate to U.S. culture.”- Arby

Shenandoah University, VA

“I loved her deep philosophy and its contrast with the way we perceive her identity… I freaking loved it!”- Max 

“The programming was spontaneous, intense, and wickedly funny! I love the parent’s impressions… I loved, loved, loved it!”- Melodie 

“I really liked the part where she finally accepted who she was and embraces it… It tells the real story of an individual.”- Maribel

“My favorite part was when Q got inspired by the little girl. She had her parents and friends talk with her about what to do and what not to do, or do nothing at all, but it took a child to really open her eyes.”- Janae 

“Solo plays are fascinating and your ability to create this universe is amazing. I will remember this play always.”- Micah

“The whole part traveling through India - I’ve never been out of the USA, and this made me imagine travel as something I’ve never thought of before.”- Courtney

"Amazing performance and great connection with each character." -Tina

"Great way to bring diversity awareness." -Kriti

"Amazing to watch. I love hearing about people's lives." -Chynna

"This play is an eye-opener and definitely needs to be seen by others in this society." -Supremia

Shepherd University, WV

“Relating stories to different cultures helps decrease ignorance. You did all those roles by yourself and it’s truly amazing.”- Brielle

“Q! I felt I could relate to your life being a Muslim student from Morocco. Our cultures are very similar (Parent’s way of thinking…) Please keep doing this!”- Fadela

“The monologue of the friend in India describing how she came to embrace her life, and comparing it to Q’s life and Q’s decisions. We all come to crossroads, it’s deeply relatable.”- Kelli 

"So diverse. Loved the Queen story. Amazing!" -Alexis

"Puerto rican was a great character." -Becky

"Very enriching and teaches people not to stereotype." -Madi

McDaniel College, MD

“I loved the parts about the mom. Mothers play an integral role in our life… I loved it so much, your story really inspires me.”- Jasmin 

“It’s nice to see multicultural programming that includes more than just white and black characters. I really connected with the theme of a beautiful name that people don’t understand or correctly pronounce.”- Aisha

“When Q calls her mom for cooking advice. I miss my mom’s cooking and I’m always calling her for recipes. Very relatable. So unique with such  a great message.”- Christina

“I liked learning about Beanie. I felt special that you shared someone so important to you with us. Something like that happens to everyone and many people can’t talk about it.”- Megan

“I love hearing people’s stories. It’s important to me to recognize that we all have a history that has shaped who we are. Thank you for the show!”- Brandon

“I loved the mix of culture and seeing how Q incorporated her Indian background with her American background. This was amazing!”- Ema

“I didn’t expect it to be this interesting, but it was great and had a deep meaning. I loved how she played so many characters and was able to display the emotions of each person.”- Tiara

"The Wheel of Fortune reminded me of my Mama." -Austin

"Really fun and easy to watch. My favorite was the friend in India because she was like a mirror image of Q." -Taylor

"Fun, entertaining and educational. My favorite was the little girl at the end - her innocence and outlook on life was so refreshing." -Jacqueline

"I love learning about different cultures and experiences." -Kat

"Very funny!" -Emily

"Very genuine and I was astonished at her talent." -Meghan

"Really important message for anyone with an ethnically different background but also for people who don't.  I was really moved." -Lyndsay

"Heartwarming and inspiring!" -Kimberly

West Valley College, CA

“The mom was very funny and spoke to the theme of the two different worlds Q walked between.”- Philip 

“It was great, very deep and emotional. Loved it.”- Nathaniel 

“I enjoyed the way you used your performance telling a story about you growing up. Enjoyed everything!”- LaJewel

“My favorite part is when she smiles looking at her hands on the subway because it shows she accepted her culture and herself.”- Marcela

“My favorite character is Q, because of the way she is experimenting to find her identity and doesn’t allow her parents to control her.”- Erick

“My favorite part was the end because Q accepted herself and her life.”- Julia

“Not a lot talk about cultural identity and the struggles of being a woman. She did a very lovely job and I related so much to her as a Mexican American.”- Julia V.

"Q portraying her mom really felt like she was here." -Eric

"My favorite character was the father because he doesn't talk much but when he does, it has meaning." -Lavriano

"Q was my favorite because she reminds me of me! I l loved it!" -Sana

Santa Rosa Junior College, CA

“I didn’t have a favorite part, I loved it all! I loved how easily Q was able to switch characters so quickly and portray each person so well. I thought it was so funny and the acting was amazing.”- Dani

"I really connected with Q. I am currently going through a similar process. It was great.”- Ana

“My favorite character is Q, because she expresses who she is despite how other people feel about it. This type of program is inspiring.”- Gracie

“Fantastic. I felt I could see each character. Big props on your performance.”- Janette

“The mom was my favorite because she reminded me of my own mom even though we’re from different cultures.”- Jennifer 

"My favorite was when Q's Dad was talking about his dreams, it showed everyone's internal youthful spirit. Great show." -Trevor

"Very entertaining and educational!" -Maytte

"Enlightening - great performance!" -Devin

"Amazing work." -Danny

"I loved it all! Especially touched by the story of Beanie. Fun, entertaining and took me to other worlds. Terrific!" -Ginger

Clark College, WA

“The mom was my favorite character because she was portrayed in a very funny way. The way she switches characters and plays them separately is very good.”- Luke

“I like hearing how other nationalities lived their lives. I like hearing differences.”- Reishawanda 

“My favorite part was when Q’s mom trying to teach her to cook. Reminds me of my mom and my relationship. I would love to see more of this type of programming”- Madison

Simpson College, IA

“I love the message. You hit harder topics flawlessly. The India but was so truthful and honest.”- Cheyenne

“The seamlessness of the performance- she transitions between characters flawlessly.”- Blake

“I would like to see more of this program because issues in our society should be addressed in a safe artistic  environment.”- Gayle

“The mother. She demonstrates the generational difference. The parents interests are not the child's. Parent-child relationships are things a lot of people can relate too. Truly an incredible show.”- James

“Whenever you’d talk about the expectations your parents had for you, I felt like I could relate because I want to please them and family is important but I want to be my own person.”- Laura

"My favorite character: your mother. Numerous characteristics transcend nationalities and was humorous!" -Roger

"Personal stories are the most moving." -Kablyn

"I loved all of it because everything was so genuine and unique. Story was amazing. She is inspiring!" -Morgan

"Q's mom was hilarious and memorable." -Kassy

"Teaches us about the world and our thoughts/actions." -Meara

"I loved the friend from college because I love strong women of color who break down ideas of what an educated person looks like." -Cecilia

Delaware Valley College, PA

“My favorite part was the way she went through the different phases of characters and portrayed them.”- Miranda

“My favorite part was when she went back to India because it showed her she could connect to her culture and still be herself.”- Joshua

“All parts involving the mother. I’m an older student and that is who I could relate to. We, as mothers, want the best for our daughters. We want them strong enough to take care of themselves, but soft enough to be taken care of.”- Denise

“I could relate to a lot, being an American-Japanese girl. I was good hearing some of the same feelings and thoughts.”- Shawna

“The part where Q called her mother because she needed help making a dish. I liked this part because I have done this with my mom.”- Holly

“I would love to see more of this stuff because I like to hear about other cultures and other people find themselves and be happy with who they are.”- Kassidy 

Cornell College, IA

“I enjoyed the interactions between the mother character and the teenager. The juxtaposition was on point.”- Linden

“I loved the story from the girl in India because her message of people gives others happiness.”- Holly

“I loved the entirety of the trip to India. The characters were relatable and beautiful. The truth was so raw and palpable. It's touching souls.”- Cora

“You are wonderful. Your show makes me think about pressures I put on myself, the pressures others put on me. You have strength and that gives me hope.”- Carly

"This campus needs more of this honesty and this kind of human art. If every voter were forced to sit down, watch this show and listen to the Q&A, this country would be a better, happier place." -Tony

"The storyteller/artist reminded me of the type of person I want to be." -Lia

"My favorite was the mother. I could tell that she was strict but also cared very much." -Alex

"It made me feel glowy, like it was really real. I loved Rayya because I respect her desire not to be looked down on." -Margaret

Salisbury University, MD

“It is very entertaining and moving - I can relate to the bullying.”- Allison

“You kind of looked at me at moments and didn’t break contact and that drew me into the moment and made me feel as I was a character. Captivating.”- Quincy

“I think it’s amazing seeing one person transform into so many different people... I thought the show was very moving. I was captivated. You are a great storyteller.”- Sara

“My favorite character was the girl that you visited when you were in India because it was interesting to see how a person different from yourself lives.”- London

“The end because it shows that being yourself and knowing where you come from is a part of you. I loved the energy." - Victori

Gwinnett Technical College, GA

“I loved the part where she went back to India. I liked this part because she finally came to terms with who she is.”- Diana

“The drawing lady’s words, ‘Never be afraid to take someone’s hand because that’s the only way you can touch them.’”- Sarah

“It’s interesting. Teaches you how different everyone is. She has many personalities.”- Marissa

“Q is my favorite character. She was easy to relate to. She dealt with similar issues that I’ve dealt with.”- Verna

Lindenwood University, MO

“When you went to India because you showed India in a light that it deserves to be shown. Culturally rich and unique.”- Evan

“I love learning about other people’s stories and backgrounds, it really shows how diverse we are.”- Samantha

“I liked when the girl was telling you a story while giving you a henna tattoo. Very raw and honest.”- Kristine

“Your dad talking to you about getting married. I thought it was funny but true to what so many people experience.”- Carrisa

“I really love how you talked about embracing culture, both yours and Americans. It’s so important to be who you are, both from past and present.”- Victoria

“When Q’s Dad was talking about his dreams, it showed everyone’s internal youthful spirit, while dealing with the realism of becoming an adult.”- Trevor

“You are very professional and know what you are doing. I know how you feel about people not being able to pronounce or spell your name. I deal with that all the time.”- Cecilia

"It is absolutely fantastic- your impressions are great." -Katelyn

"I liked how you stood up for yourself when you were younger. This was show was amazing! Loved it!" -Tara

"The best part is when you accepted yourself!" -Cleopatra

"I loved it. I like how different and moving and just a great way to talk about sensitive issues. I felt so connected to you!" -Lindsey

St. Louis University, MO

“I enjoyed Beanie's scene -mental health is a huge issue in this country." -Allison

"I liked the end because the protagonist found who she was, was able to accept who she was." -Molly

"The mother was very entertaining." -Dan

Keuka College, NY

“This was a wonderful show - funny and heartfelt. It really helps people see who you are and help them realize who they are." -Jordyn, Freshman

"Eye-opening and showed that it is okay to be yourself." -Bethany, Sophomore

"Opened my eyes to another culture besides my own." -Emily, Freshman

"I enjoyed both the father and mother, as they did a great job at showing expectations of parents."- Joshua, Freshman

"My favorite part was when her mom was trying to tell her how to cook something because it reminded me of my mom." -Alexis, Freshman

"My favorite part was when she decided she wasn't going to be angry anymore because it was moving."- Carley, Freshman

"Gave a lot of exposure I didn't previously have."- Emily, Freshman

"I liked learning about your clash of identity and I could easily identify with it." - Adriana

Waukesha County Technical College, WI 

“Very fun to watch. Even though we have very different stories, I identified." -Erika

"The performance was amazing. I got chills seeing the variety of characters she developed." -Mayra

"Programming that spotlights diversity is very beneficial." -Timothy 

"You have a good message about diversity/culture and acceptance and reality of similarities!" -Diane

"Very impressive and thought provoking! So important in this time of immigration issues." - Michael 

"Incredible! It is important for our youth to be educated about other cultures and learn that we are all similar and have some of the same experiences and feelings." -Nancy

"I loved the suicide story. It's been something I've always dealt with as a young immigrant girl not fitting in anywhere." -Josselin

"The mother was my favorite. She had expectations but she also let you build your own story." -Angela

Pierce College (Puyallup Campus), WA 

“Your talent and your message are amazing." - Sabrina

"I liked the mother and the sense of strength I realized she had." -Hannah

"My favorite part was the ending. Everything was clearly wrapped up and reminded us of the whole story from start to end again." -Alejandro

"I love the cultural cross talk blending ethnic and geographic communities." -Tim

"Very inspiring! My favorite part was when you mentioned that we can add more color to peoples lives." -Linda

"Great job. You found how to project yourself and your thoughts." -Christopher

"Interactive and makes you realize that you're not alone." -Neman

Pierce College (Steilacoom Campus), WA 

"Just very entertaining. You rocked it up on that stage." -Jordan

"Profound and a real learning experience." -Katja

"My favorite was the friend telling you that what you get out of life is what you allow yourself to get out of it." -Cammie

"I needed to hear the message at the end." -Gary

"Opens the mind to other cultures and situations." -Brooke

"I really enjoyed this. Some of my favorite parts were your interactions with your mom." -Grace

"I really admire you. It reminds me of going to Greece. Though I don't know the language that much, going to Greece makes me want to learn." -Toni

"My favorite part is when you realized that you needed to fight for yourself." -Isachi

Presbyterian College, SC

"The story was terrific. I enjoyed it very much." -Sierra, Sophomore 

"I enjoyed the scene describing the 4 girls punching Q and her mom figuring out that Q was fighting again because it was very realistic." -Zoe

"Amazing, loved each character's voice and how each one interacts in her life." -Riley

"I loved how Beenie's energy was and how she was who got you out of your comfort zone." -Madison

"I really enjoyed the ending because you showed that regardless of background, you're free to be who you want." -Cassidy

"Lina was my favorite because she told Q to choose to do what she wants to do." -Ashley

"My favorite part was when the girl spoke in the bar because she made alot of sense." -Aatara

"The overall transformation of acceptance especially the end when you realized who you want to be." -Brittany

"Entertaining and relatable. Loved it!" -Chris

Massachusetts College of Liberal Arts 

"Such a nuanced, deeply personal narrative involving underrepresented ethnic groups- particularly women of color! Alicia's monologue was amazing!" - Ian

"Soraya is my favorite character because of her kindness." -Maddison

"Loved it! Super refreshing." - Megan

"Please come back and do this again!" - Mariah

"Gives a nice perspective on things." - Jahshyah

"Mummi was my favorite because she brought a great energy." - Erin

"I felt so connected and immersed in the story." - Carrie

"My favorite was the end when you met the girl because that was really beautiful. It reminded me of my time in Guatemala and the people who were so giving." - Lilly

Siena College, NY

"Thought-provoking, connects to the First Year Seminar themes of heritage and diversity." Anne, Faculty

"It was so fun, comical and eye opening!" - Siena, Freshman

"Helps others realize some of the challenges that immigrants face." -Abrahim, Junior

"You did amazing! Especially your Bronx accent." - Regina, Freshman

"It was very cool how you could show the different personalities in each character." -Maclanae, Freshman 

"I think you were great." -Nabila, Senior

"I really enjoyed the comedy and humor you created. Gave me a good self-reflection about my personal life." -Walker

"My favorite part was your friend in India. It was powerful to see how someone could envy something yet not want then. It is a very important perspective to understand other peoples mindsets." -Ruchika

"The funeral was my favorite.  I liked seeing the brother's reaction to the scene. More impactful than just crying." -Jason, Freshman 

"My favorite was the mother- she's very much your classic mom, worrying and caring for you." -Jacob, Freshman

"I truly would like to see this show again, not only because of how relatable the show is, but also due to the message as well. I needed to hear it." - Ruban, Sophomore

"I like this program because it challenges you to see other cultures." -Tomas, Freshman

"Favorite character is the friend you went clubbing with because it summed up well what hanging out with new people is like - well performed!" -Ally, Sophomore

"Perfect gateway into another world- it shows the struggles of finding your individuality."  Alex

"I connected with Q so much because of family and cultural expectations and balancing with American culture. I'm from the Bronx too so I felt inspired." - Mariah, Junior

"The double-dutch scene resonated with how I was bullied in elementary school." - Dennis

Schoolcraft College, MI

"Fun way of learning! Something I will take for the rest of my life." -Laura

"The girl at the dance club was really funny." -Alyssa

"It was amazing! Q showed amazing emotion." - Sara

"Love the power of unity that was felt through your message." -Cindy

"My favorite character is Q - the different person she is and her flexibility." -Illice

"My favorite character is Lina because she was a true friend that encouraged her to be independent and dependent." - Jarod

"I liked when she went to India and explained what she saw and the culture. It felt as if we were there." -Hannah

"I like how the story itself is about a person coming to America and experiencing different cultures along with their own and finding themselves because that's what America is really about. - Alex

"Very entertaining- would definitely recommend others." - Kamryn

"The main character's life was inspiring." -Connor

"Superb Q&A. Great insights about a multicultural experience." - Paul

West Virginia University at Parkersburg 

"Very empowering!" -Myshille

"Beenie's death teaches us to reach out to others. Very well done! Very professional!" -Steve

"Very emotional!" - Brooke

"My favorite character was the mother because I often feel that it is hard to meet my mother's standards. Amazing job." -Morgan

"I can relate to your story. Very enjoyable." -Jamie

"Exciting and surprising." -Elizabeth

University of Pittsburgh at Greensburg 

"I was really emotional over the death of Beenie because over the past year I have lost 5 members of my family. Strong and powerful message that needs to be spread." -Robert, Sophomore

"This is a story of you finding yourself and young people need role models like you. This message was necessary." - Aniya, Sophomore

"I loved it. Very inspirational." -Shirley, Junior

"It gave me alot of emotions and insight." -Josh, Junior

"My favorite part was when she's talking to her old friend in India about how different and the same their worlds are." -Elizabeth

"She was great.  A very good message." -Poonam

"Favorite part was your mother teaching you how to cook because moms are very caring so she helped you when she could." -Jeffrey, Sophomore 

"It's a story that is not usually seen and that is inclusive to everyone." -Kiara, Sophomore 

"The show was great and I liked how it showed you growing as a person." -Aijalon, Sophomore

"I think showing and promoting diversity is essential in society." - Melissa, Freshman 

"An emotional rollercoaster. Unique and funny and moving." -Kathleen, Sophomore 

Delaware County Community College, PA

"I love theater and experiencing new parts of culture that I haven't been exposed to in a small town." -Melissa

"I related so much to her story and experience because I am an immigrant as well." -Maret

"Favorite character is Q because she chose who and what she wanted to be." -Yarielis

"Excellent performance. Being Black with White parents, I struggled with my identity at young age." -Najah

"I loved the show! My favorite part was when Q went to India; it seemed to create a cool juxtaposition with her experience in the US and her feelings." -Gary

"Stories about self-discovery are inspirational- great message!" -Natalie

"It was amazing. I love the part where you showed how Mumbai was because it reminds me of my home." -Aksa

"Diverse content is needed - amazing work!" - Lilian

"My favorite part was the entire show!" - Letisha

"I love how Q struggled to find her way in the world and allowed experiences to shape her." -Dominique

South Dakota State University 

"My favorite character is the mother because she reminds me of my own mother." -Dorcas, Sophomore 

"Fantastic! I am also a member of the Speech team and this was inspiring." -Ethan, Sophomore 

"Different and fun." -Evan, Freshman 

"Fun and real experience." -Abu, Senior 

"I really liked when you were the "younger" you -it was very funny." -Mckenzie, Sophomore 

"My favorite part was the club scene because it was exciting but then heartbreaking." -Tori, Sophomore 

"I really liked the woman from India because she had such good insight and was very unique and relatable. " -Jonathan, Sophomore 

"I loved every bit of this show. Focuses on how an Indian gets influenced by a different society an at the end of the day, she chooses to be herself, to retain her tradition." - Kenneth, Freshman 

"It was something so new and exciting. I can't choose a favorite part because everything was so good in it's own way." -Tricia, Freshman 

"This kind of personal story motivates everyone." -Allen, Freshman 

Mount San Antonio College, CA

"I have dealt with depression and suicidal thoughts for several years now. When you talked about friend and her death, it opened up my eyes because I have felt that nobody would be hurt, but now I am sure that I am needed." -Lizzette

"Gives me power to be proud to be a part of my ethnicity. Absolutely loved the show!" -Brisa

"This is my first time seeing an event like this. It helps me to learn more American culture. I am very glad to attend." -Phuong

"It was a charming show with very personal moments that make you envision the setting and people. " -Juan

"Let's people share their story and people can relate too. Very entertaining." -Andrea

"People will greatly benefit from this type of programming." -Perla

"Very talented and inspiring to have personal pride in my own culture." Marlin

"My favorite character was Q because everyone feels similar emotions and no one talks about it. "Maisy

"Very personal, really great show, helps to understand the meaning of one's life." -Julia

"My favorite character was the mother: she was very relatable and I see my own mother in her." -Jacob

"The whole show was amazing, she was able to be everyone so well, it was so impressive, I don't even think I can pick a favorite part." -Callie

"Great show, made me appreciate life more. " Juan

"It can change someone's life who may be going through a tough time. I see myself in Q. Straddling more than one identity is very hard sometimes but at the same time rewarding.  The internal battle makes us who we are." -Christine

Herkimer County College, NY

"Original, creative, insightful, inspiring and funny!" -Nina

"Loved it! Motivating! Creative but so relevant to showing some issues and changes immigrants face with clashing cultures and expectations." -Adeira

"I was fully entertained! Her Puerto Rican was perfect - so funny." -Raibel

"My favorite is Q because she is relatable. " -Nicole

"Kept me on edge the whole time - I would like to see it again." -Carley

"I laughed alot!" -Ashley

"My favorite character was the Mom, I like how you can play that role so well." -Chereima

Dominican College, NY

"10/10, 5 stars. Q has an amazing life filled with culture barriers, teenage issues, and life obstacles. It was awesome to hear." -Phil

"Gives me a feeling of being represented. Really helped me push forward with my own dreams and aspirations. " -Shoba

"My favorite part was when she realized her worth and what she wanted to be. Loved it!" -Joy

"My favorite part was when she decided to be independent. " -Kyle

"Creates an inclusive community. You were a voice for those who needed it." -Evan

"I literally am exactly like the dancer- it was nice knowing someone out there is like me and realized that everything in life is a choice." -Jenna

"Very relatable and real." -Stefani

"The Mom is the perfect representation of a mother with a family of minorities." -Rollens

"Very enjoyable and teaches something in a creative way. Would see on Broadway!" -Shellby

"Eye opening!" -Chris

"Amazing show. As a person from The Bronx, I relate!" -Christina

"Allows everyone to connect and share similar views that we don't even know we share." -Virginia

"There was alot I could identify with even as a white American girl who's family has been here for 10 generations. " -Christine

Clark College, WA

"It was really, really great, loved it." -Paul

"Honest, raw, breathtaking. " -Degundrea

"The suicide scene is most powerful." -Lian

"Its related to my growing up time and I it's closest to my childhood. " -Ruixuan

"The cooking is a very funny scene." -Luke

"The realness -life - ups and downs, struggles, sadnesses, same in all cultures." -Bonnie

"Very inspirational." -Kayla

"Cool to watch. " -Sarah

"Q's character was my favorite. I just feel like I can relate alot to her." -Madison

Des Moines Area Community College, IA

"The entire play was great. Really enjoyed the whole thing. Personal experiences are great." -Cameron

"I could relate alot, being an American Japanese girl. It was good hearing some of the same feelings and thoughts." -Shawna

"Kept me entertained. " -Emily

"My favorite part was Q finding herself in India and seeing her culture." -Tyson

"I am an older student and I could relate to all parts involving the mother. We, as mothers, want the best for our daughters.  We want them strong enough to take care of themselves but soft enough to be taken care of." -Denise

"My favorite part was when she went back to India because it showed her she could connect to her culture and still be herself." -Joshua

"I love how creative and imaginative it was." -Chrysta

"I like to hear about other cultures and people who find themselves and are happy with who they are." Kassidy

"The henna - beautiful imagery with the story about the princess." -Amy

"It was something I'd love to share with my mom because of emotion that is conveyed." -Chance

"My favorite part waa the way she went through the different phases of characters and portrayed them." -Miranda

"Amazing job." - Marisa

Gwinnett Technical College, GA

"My favorite part was when she reconnected with her childhood friend and accepted who she was no matter where she lived and that it was ok to be imperfect and make mistakes." -Verna

"Q is full of emotions- exciting and brave." -Sophia

"Makes me understand and open my mind to what people face." -Fenyal

"My favorite part was her accents because it reflects each character." - B

"Q's mom reminder me of my mother." -Marissa

"Good way to bring people together." -Diana

Lincoln Land Community College, IL

"I was amazed by the way she was able to change her accent." -Olric

"I really enjoyed seeing Q's growth throughout the performance." - Lucy

"My favorite was Q as an older character - because it takes a lifetime to love yourself. -Amy

"Helps me to understand the experiences of people with backgrounds different than myself." -Barry

Southern Illinois University, Carbondale 

"Everyone needs to see this." - Ziggi, Sophomore 

"My favorite was the scene with Rayya- it provided a perspective of India that is not often portrayed; it made me re-evaluate a stereotype which is always eye-opening." -James, Sophomore 

"My favorite part was the trip at the end because I hope to go on an awakening experience.  Loved it!" -Madeline, Junior 

"Great performer." -Emma, Senior

"Terrific presentation. " -Phyllis

"So unique - I've never seen a show like it." -Maddie, Junior 

"You are beautiful, fabulous and I feel like you are out here doing not only theatre work, but in many ways, your show is activism!" - Isiah

"Very relevant to today's social and political society." -Josh, Sophomore 

"I loved the whole show." -Michael, Sophomore 

Principia College, IL

"I don't have a favorite part but that's only because every part of the show moved my heart and touched my soul." -Becca, Sophomore

"So personal and sad but bright and funny." -Sam

"My favorite was in the end when she found herself and at the beginning when she saw herself as a baby getting a complicated Indian name. All these incidents are related."-Jintong

"My favorite was the girl you met on the street in India. She had this great energy about her and her message about connecting with people." -Riley, Junior 

"I think it's important to see theater that helps you understand diverse viewpoints." -Emily, Sophomore 

"My favorite character was your mother because she was funny but also really honest." -Jessica, Junior 

"My favorite part was your story of your friend Beanie. I loved being reminded about the importance of taking care of each other." -Hadassah, Sophomore 

"The mother reminded me of my mother!" -Kayleen, Sophomore 

"I loved the character of Rayya- to be so clearly Q's opposite, and her equal, and her friend, was beautiful. " -Ashley, Sophomore 

"I loved the India part because it made me feel like I was there." -Jamie, Senior

"The part about Q losing her friend really got me. Made me want to hug all my friends." -Mandy, Sophomore 

"Perfect timing and balance. Thank you for being so open and real." -Jen, Sophomore 

"Loved it! Such a unique format." -Michael, Sophomore 

Northwest Missouri State University 

"Amazing! Love how Mother is so strong and full of important advice." -Julie, Grad

"Favorite is Soraya's story and the theme of joy she imparts." -Robin

"Favorite is changing of the characters - almost hard to believe it was just you." -Beth

"I would recommend this show to anyone to see." -Jenny, Senior

"Made me feel at home." -Samantha, Sophomore 

"My favorite is when she finally loves herself and her culture." -Emiel, Sophomore 

"I like the friend from India alot. Her vulnerabilities were really telling of her character and I understood her choices." -Sammie, Freshman 

State University of New York at Purchase (RA Training)

"Identity crisis programming is so important because as college students it is the first time that we are separated from our families, who more often than not define us." -Andres, Sophomore 

"Please keep doing this! I grew up and still living with alot of expectations. It's such a big story of us brown people." -Yoshe

"It is very vulnerable for you to expose these truths and it's humbling and allows people to see that they aren't alone; that their experiences are unique but still universal." -Taylor, Senior 

"This is a dope performance!" -Brianna, Junior

"The henna girl was my favorite.  She reminds me of the children I met in Greece. It made me cry." -Rachel, Senior

"The show expressing all the emotions it has was so amazing and well paced, very genuine and heartfelt." -Marc, Junior 

"The discussion with a childhood friend shows that there is no one right way and we are all, ultimately, the choices we stand behind." -Jaimie, Sophomore 

"When Q went back to India is a great moment. Coming from an immigrant family living in America with the rest of the family back home is something I can relate to. It's so surreal to go back to your origin." -Sally, Sophomore 

"I really adored the creativity and craft in the writing of this piece." -Janelle, Sophomore 

"I loved the ending. It did show how you rose above the challenges in your life and simultaneously felt like you were portraying that journey for everyone else. " -Taneesha

"Better than a lecture!" -Zuko, Sophomore 

"You are so amazing! I'm sooooo impressed!!! Wow!!!!" -YuChin, Sophomore 

"I appreciated the genuinity, the loss and discovery of identity. This really helped inspire me and it's refreshing." -Alex, Senior 

"I loved the young woman at the end. She had sadness in her life but she was such a symbol of hope." -Miranda, Senior

"My favorite was the main character because although I cannot relate culturally, I can relate emotionally which I think is best because it shows we all feel the same and no matter what we're going through in life, we can come together and help." -Andrada, Sophomore 

"I appreciate your frank delivery ad how poignant your words are." -Jess, Staff

"When the mother was instructing Q on how to cook, it reminded me of my own mother and our interactions." -Emily, Sophomore 

"This was a beautiful performance." -Bailey, Senior 

"I loved it! Great job. Hope to see it again." -Rafael, Residence coordinator 

"I'm am international student so I also sometimes feel difficult to live here but you encouraged me A LOT!!" -Kanami, Junior

Murray State College, Oklahoma

"This was the best play I have ever seen! This allows more people to view other cultures and appreciate them." -Lydia

"100% relevant to life. Very powerful, cathartic, very moving. Everyone has had similar experiences with loss, success, image development." -Dan

"This has helped me in my personal journey. Opens up closed off minds and the introduction to culture is refreshing. " -Stephen

"Such an amazing and unique show." -Lacey

"I enjoyed all characters. I saw me at a time in my life I went through a change." -Kendra

"Loved it - the club scene made me laugh and then cry." -Dena

"The part about her friend's suicide was eye-opening and influential." -Krista

"Good for students to see a view of the world outside of here." -Liesl

"Relatable, especially living in the South, about how we treat those who are different." -Aubree

Graceland University, IA

"Raw, real and personal, start to finish." -Nathan, Grad

"I loved the family member from India. She taught a lesson of self acceptance. " -Christopher, Sophomore 

"Deals with important things - seeing others' experiences and dealing with trauma." -Angela, Sophomore 

"I had no idea Indians face such challenges - very insightful." -Darnell, Freshman 

"My favorite character is the Mother - reminds me of my mother." -Jimmy

"Q was my favorite character because you aren't afraid to be yourself." -Lexi, Freshman 

"My favorite part was the cooking scene, not only the trouble with the recipe, but your mom's story of cooking with her mom." -Becca, Junior

"I hope you kee performing your show for as long as you want and inspiring others." -Nate, Senior

University of Iowa

"I loved Q's mother. I don't know her but it seems like I knew her." -Mike, Junior

"When you first arrive in India - the description is beautiful and the contradictory feelings about India like slums vs. Taj Mahal were perfect." -Apoorva, Senior 

"This is talent at our doorstep." -Alex, Junior

"I think it is incredible to showcase the talents of people representing marginalized groups and be able to witness very talent individuals." -Jacob, Sophomore 

Northwest Arkansas Community College 

"I loved this - absolutely mesmerizing! Maybe we all have to leave what we know to find out who we are." -Janet

"Good insight in a light humorous way of the struggles of people." -Marsha

"I loved the use of sound! I felt the most emotionally connected to the mother." -Tristan

"I love it! Amazing experiences." -Esther

Liberty University, VA

"Authentic, enriching, beautiful and there were just so many life lessons that audiences can take from it - how to forgive yourself, finding your identity, how to cope with death etc. You motivated and reminded me to love myself." -Dominique

"Amazing job! BRAVO! This speaks to the reality of what so many go through. I am so inspired!" -Deya

"My favorite part was the club scene - that took energy and excellent vocals." -Alia

"There were funny parts, sad parts, eye-opening parts. Gives you an insight." -Kayla

"I loved hearing the personal narration. Every character was fantastic though." -Noah

"Q's mom was my favorite character because she reminded me of my own mother who came from the Philippines." -Ariele

"Being introduced to Q's life is entrancing. The humor in the fight was great. The ending was a wonderful closing." -Matthew

"You're amazing with accents!" -Kaila

"It was so fun!" -Haley

"Showed me a part of America I hadn't really thought of." -Jacob

"Her mother is extremely relatable. Her cooking sounds so good I want to try it." -Philippe

"I enjoyed the henna artist- the depth of the story and the joy of the character. Come back to Liberty!" -Gretchen

St. Paul College, MN

"Great show.  Q's mother is wise but Q isn't able to take it in yet. Her mother was a great addition to the performance." -April

"Nice job. I want to understand different cultures." -Rowen

"Extraordinary! Very helpful for people who have lost their identity." -Ephrem

Eastern New Mexico University 

"Very entertaining!" -Rochelle

"My favorite character was the little girl in the playground because you stood up for yourself." -Katherine

"Many people, just like the characters in your play, are affected by many factors, friends, mass media, tradition, culture, gender roles etc. It's true. The messages we get from others actually affects us and others." -Ruya

"It was great. The mother made me laugh the most." -Debra

"I thought the play was well put together. My favorite part was when Q went to India because she learned more about who she was." -Jayla

"I really enjoyed it. There were bits and pieces that I could relate to through the whole entire performance."- Brent

"Very entertaining!" -Rochelle

Monroe College, NY 

"The show overall is very entertaining. Huge laughs. Diversity but emphasizes keeping one's own culture." -Steven

"Extraordinary. Very relatable." -Tyaja

"Everything was perfect. I loved it." -Jacob

"It was awesome. I love the message and we need more of this." -Jessica

Texas A&M University at Texarkana 

"This was a very great show! Highly recommended!!" -Victoria

"Your accents are amazing!" -Angie

"My favorite was the Bronx characters because of the humor." -Hollis

"As an Indian who moved to America at an early age, I can really relate to, understand and appreciate this."-Jay

"It was wonderful, really loved it." -Elizabeth

"My favorite part was that even though there were only a few props and costume changes, you could still understand the emotion of each character through your acting alone." -Jordan

"The story about the hand painting - I loved how joy and good luck were used differently in each mind (the queen, her mother) but how we could all do something to bring joy to ourselves and other people." -Amanda

"This type of show is unique and enlightening to learn about a different culture." -Michael

"I loved this and would love to see this again." -Isabella 

University of North Texas at Dallas

"My favorite character is the mother. She is universally connectable." -Fonz

"One person doing all thirteen characters is so impressive." -Cleofas

"Awesome!" -Isaac

"My fav part was how life brings you back to old times." -Mohammed

"My favorite part is the end after the young Indian girl tells her story because I really felt that sense of acceptance of oneself as well as those around. I really enjoyed it!" -Tomie

"Loved it!" -Alejandra

"My favorite part was when Q stood up to the bully. I admire people who don't back down to bullies." -Brandon

Essex County College, NJ

"I loved it." -Renista

"My favorite part was when your father told you how he fed you when you were a kid." -D'Angelo

"It was a great play." -Onya

"It was awesome. People's life stories are the best stories in the world." -Jean-Pierre

"My favorite character was the mother because she sounds like my mother. " -Bryan

"The speaker pulled me in. I like things like this." -Joshua

Butler University, IN

"My favorite character was Alicia because she could articulate how she felt about her role in society in an authentic voice ." -Arisa, Freshman

"My favorite character was Beanie because she was the first one that Q really connected with in High School." -Shannon, Sophomore 

"My favorite character was Q's mom because she was trying to keep Q true to herself." -McKenzie, Junior

"I enjoyed how it was about her actual life story." -Elizabeth, Junior

"Really eye-opening and I think it brings needed discussion. " -Heidi, Freshman 

"It's great to see a personal evolution." -Carly, Junior

Concord University, WV

"One word: awesome." -Muhammad

"It was amazing." -Summer

"Being a South Asian and Muslim, this was really fun." -Ezza

"Fun to watch." -Kirston

"My favorite part was when she first went to the club because she felt happy and any part with her mother because she is just awesome." -Anna

"It was great! My favorite part was the teenager on the street - what her mother told her about taking someone's hand and putting color into someone's life." -Jordan

El Paso Community College, TX

"It inspires me. My favorite part was when Q realized who she was and what she could be." -Angel

"Everyone has a story to tell and we can learn and laugh a little." -Andrea

"I like the creativity." - Marie

"Very well done!" -Nino

"Great to see talent shared." -Pat

"It gives me different points of views to think about." -Karen

"The part when she tries to make lentils- it made me think of my mom." -Deborah

"My favorite part is when she confronts her bullies.  Very relatable and very funny." -Matthew

Brescia University, KY

"Memories are stories. And stories need telling. You have a lesson in your legacy." -Joshua

"It's important to expose the campus to diverse cultural perspectives." -Kate

"I have a heart for social justice so this was very special to me." -C.J.

"This is so important.  I loved all of it." -Tharyana

"I love that it's fun and educational. Great job!" -Victoria, Junior

"Your mom - so funny." -Alanna

"My favorite is the mother because in a way, she represents all mothers." -Hannah, Freshman 

"You were awesome! I loved the Mom's perspective on life." -Betsy

"My favorite was Beanie - the contrast between happiness and sadness." -Spiro

"You mother cooking with Wheel of Fortune -funny and relatable." -Savannah

Grinnell College, IA

"It was simple and clear, yet the theme and concept was so complex. The transitions between each character was flawless, showing how we are shaped by those around us. It reminded me to embrace all my identities in all their imperfections and grey areas. -Mayo

"My favorite character was the cousin - she had a regal air to her and the sense of conflict was thought-provoking." -Sara

"Real, funny, reflexive, intimate." -Loxley

"My favorite character was the mother- I am currently reflecting a lot on my own relationship with my mother. I felt so connected to the story and her presence." -Zanna

"Helps individuals be themselves and happy with who they are." -Nancy

"Favorite part was the description of your relationship with your parents because it was eye-opening to the continually shifting landscape of immigrants' lives." -Azwad

"So raw and open!" -Ashley

"The friend in India and mother's story were most impactful to me because a bit of the inner person peeks out from underneath." -Abby

"Clear and colorful and intense and real." -Claudia

"I loved how you took on all these different characters and told stories from a variety if voices." -Hannah

Hawkeye Community College, IA

"Great job playing multiple characters and vividly depicting them." -Logan, Sophomore 

"Very entertaining." -DeMarius, Sophomore 

"Lina and Beenie were my favorite because they were so free spirited and I felt they were true and gave great advice that wasn't overwhelming." -Morgan, Senior

"It really opened up my mind." -Anela, Freshman

University of Northern Iowa

"My favorite part was the trip to India - it was eye-opening." -Seyedeh, Senior

"Shows parts of Islam as being normal. Shows parts of Indian culture in a natural way. Opens people's minds to other cultures." -Mariam, Sophomore 

"My favorite parts was the Beanie scene and Alicia scene. Both were vivid." -Meka, Sophomore 

"Beautiful and entertaining. The telephone call and aftermath of your friend's suicide was hard-hitting and made my heart hurt. The anger that followed mirrored what I felt when I lost a friend in middle school." -Gabrielle, Senior

"I liked the energy in it. Very entertaining and emotional." -Ariane, Freshman 

"The woman doing the Henna - she was inspiring, honest, real- loved the passion of the character." -Kay, Freshman 

"Favorite part was the eye-opening transition from anger to acceptance." -Katie

"The henna girl story was amazing." -Naba

"Very unique and authentic." -Megan, Senior 

"It was my first one person production and Q's vibrant personality really brought the characters to life." -Brenna, Senior

"Very powerful and relatable to anyone especially those who experience trauma." Madeline, Senior

"Amazing. I'm deaf. I enjoyed the performance and issues you shared." - Kei-Che, Junior

University of Michigan at Ann Arbor 

"My favorite was any time you danced. Your physical comedy is A++"

"That was really amazing and a joy to watch." 

"I felt a personal connection to the story." 

"I liked that you explained your experiences in a raw abs unaltered format. A lot of people can relate."

"Favorite part was the experiences of bullying in childhood. Yes it's sad but it's something many of us have gone through (myself included) and I loved seeing how you resolved the issue and grew."

"She engaged the audience extremely well and it was very refreshing!"

"Favorite characters were mother cooking and friend in India. I enjoyed thinking about how the different values/ideals evolved as a result of upbringing."

"It's cool to see entertainment that reflects my life and experiences."

"Captivating and very entertaining."

"We can share each other's stories and feel like we belong to a community that is stronger than our individual struggles with self identity. I loved watching you perform!" 

"I loved how you switched accents but didn't always need to change outfits to change character."

"I liked your younger version of you because I also struggled coming to terms with my culture." 

"Loved it! Come back! Your life is amazing and awe-inspiring. "

"The final story about the girl in India was very inspiring."

"Captures so many important issues."

"Wonderful performance!" 

"It's nice to know that there are others that go/have been through what I've been through."

Oakland Community College, MI

"10/10. Very well performed with good taste in comedic approach but still conveyed intense emotions." -Jordan

"My favorite part was when Q finally realized her true potential and worth as a multicultural woman."-Stephanie 

"My favorite part was Q's journey in India. It's touching. She realizes the beauty of her roots and beauty of her life in the US." -Italia

"Fun, creative way of starting conversation about important issues - identity, gender roles, bullying, empowerment, etc." -Jordan

"Favorite character is Q because she was not afraid to express herself." -Kelly

"The mom reminded me of my mom." -Jacqueline 

"Fantastic. The way you portrayed all the different characters was really great." -Katherine

"Entertainment is my favorite way to learn. I really enjoyed how fleshed out and complex Q was, taking parts of your heritage while making yourself your own." -Chris

"Amazing story! When you realized you were finally content with who you are, it's a big moment." -Sydney

University of Wisconsin Oshkosh 

"WOW! Best performance/speaker I have seen on campus to date." -Amy, Sophomore 

"I would see her again and again!" -Erin, Freshman

"Awesome Performance!" -Mark, Freshman 

"Intriguing and interactive to watch." - Clive, Senior

"Great show, very entertaining." -Marlene, Freshman 

"Overall, it was a very thought provoking show and useful program. Thank you!" -Michael, Sophomore 

"This was excellent!" -Lisa, Junior

"Wonderful and touching story. Thank you for sharing it with us." -Jayla, Junior 

"Great performance!" -John, Freshman 

"Very moving and wonderful as well as funny." -Owen, Junior 

"Qurrat was a great performer and facilitator too! I found her energy to be wonderful. Thank you for bringing her to Oshkosh! I liked her informal meandering through her topics in the discussion more so than a lecture style that is more formal." -Erika, Senior

State University of New York at Geneseo

"It was fantastic- every time you switched character you transformed." -Oliver

"My grandmother immigrated from Ireland. She didn't have a job, she had to figure out how to deal with 8 kids. She's just very Irish and that was a big influence in my life. Its very different taking someone out of their culture and forcing them to assimilate into another one." -Laura

"Rayya's character was really interesting because it's easy from one perspective to say she's stuck. It's just her lifestyle and she's trying to be happy." -Devon

"My favorite part is that you're from the Bronx I can relate to that. Transitioning into college, trying to get out of the zone you're used to. That's exactly what I've been through." -Sam

"How do we get rid of stereotypes? How do we get rid of racist acts? I think it's to get people cultured. Its speaking up. Its seeing shows like this. I saw people on campus wearing insensitive costumes for Halloween. We all should say, that's not right." -Steph

"I have to always be American and Congolese at the same time. My parents always have expectations for me, just like your dad I appreciate my culture but Im trying to figure it out." -Dasha

Tennessee State University

"I'm from India. Everything you said, I'm going through that. Yes, it is so true! Marriage, coming here. My whole name is Kashmir but I've heard it in so many different ways that I've started saying Kash. I loved it, it was truly amazing, thank you for coming." -Kash, Grad

"I'm from the Southside of Chicago. it was excellent. The way you dominated the entire show about your life, your story, your message and it was 100% motivating for a young dreamchaser. Somebody is thinking the same way we're thinking, its motivational like no other." -Ryan, Senior

"I loved it all, especially the cooking part. Thats what my mom always says I need to do for my husband and I think, I need to learn how to do it for myself first." -Erica, Senior 

"The show was really great. Im African American from Chicago and it touched me that you're from the Bronx. The Divided Self is about having an American identity and also having an ethnic identity, being pulled in both directions almost like you're coming out of your own skin. Your performance shows it takes that love to get through it, to get past it." -Philip, Senior

"My favorite part was your dad. I liked how you talked in his accent and I liked how you explained him. He is somebody special to you. He says to try and do something to change your life." -Iman

Daytona State University, FL

"My favorite character is her mother, because she is very funny." -Myriam

"All characters are good for me. She knows how to personify all characters, and her life is very similar to the lives of people who move here from other countries." -Crystal

"Very funny, realistic, remarkable." -Ricardo

"She told a story that everyone needs to hear. Given the misrepresentation, misconception, and media of different people and cultures, its good to be reminded that different viewpoints matter." -Kaelyn

Hofstra University, NY

"I think it was really cool to see how throughout the entire play, you have the need to define yourself or find a definition through experiences but at the end you realize that the only real definition is you and who you are. Its not the name of a culture, you don't have to fit a mold, you create your own mold." -Jack

"I liked the change of pace and when the whole vibe of the show changed. When something serious happened, it was really touching. It was a defining moment." -Michael

"I liked hearing about the name plate necklace. I definitely remember having a moment like that when I was in Middle School. I grew up around a very Puerto Rican neighborhood and Im not Puerto Rican. Its comforting to see youre not the only person having an identity crisis. Its normal to want a different culture and to be a part of what everyone else is a part of." -Daisy

"I liked when you had the dialogue with you and your mother where you were trying to fit in more in the Bronx. I was only Jewish kid in my entire school district. So I really related to how you wanted to morph into everyone else. Well done!" -Sarah

"My favorite character was the Mehndi girl because even though she was very Indian,she was almost more urban." -Haley

Centre College, KY

"My mom is from Africa and my dad is from England Indian descent. Even though I wasn't raised in India, I could relate to the way you portrayed your parents, the way you had conflict with who you want tobe. I was raised in Western Kentucky around Caucasian people so I would typically try to be like them. There are always stereotypes of Indians I didn't know what to expect with the show and I loved it!" -Ioni, Junior

"I thought it was very entertaining. For our school, we usually have lectures where people just talk, so this was a nice change, to be engaged in the show and learn about cultural issues in a new way. When I came to Kentucky, it was one race and its kinda boring and there aren't different ways of thinking here, so just having someone come in and open different doors, its great." -Amber, Junior

"I enjoyed it, it was very funny. It talked about alot of different aspects of stereotypes but you didn't do it in a harsh or aggressive way. It was funny and subtle, and I liked that. My favorite part was the jump rope story." -Joshua, Sophomore 

"I thought the show was very inspirational because there are alot of identity issues in our society today. You're taking the younger perspective and showing all the different issues we go through." -Jamar, Senior

"My dad emigrated from England to NY when was 9 and I hear a lot about what his family went through and what he wanted me to have. The show was very touching. I also lost a friend that I went to school with and you think about the people you surround yourself with, you wonder how much you really do know, how much does the place you grow up in really affect you, help you or hinder you. My favorite character was your father because although he spoke less, he had a strong presence, he had strength." -Nicole, Senior

"The show spoke to me on an emotional level. Its really an inspiring story. It looks at all aspects of life, it goes past high school, it shows the process and it was beautiful. The suicide scene is so powerful and it was hard to watch but it was such a true moment." -Casey, Alum

"I really enjoyed watching the narrative and the dynamics of the dichotomy of being American and being Indian or being non-White and being American. Im an Anthropology major, studying different racial issues, and its very good for me to see a different archetype of racial issue. I got really into the Henna story with the good luck message." -Haley, Senior

"The show was really fun and funny. I came here from Haiti and I have Latino friends who I tried to be like too so I thought it was awesome." -Sarah, Senior

"I loved the show, I'm really big on diversity and I like hearing other people's perspectives when it comes to difficult situations. I had problems with somebody in school and I got into more trouble than they did so I related to your story." -Shomari, Freshman

"My favorite character was you. I liked the fact that you dealt with racism and prejudice." -Donna

University of New England Biddeford and Portland, ME

"I loved how you started off with where do I fit in? I have friends who struggle with the same type of thing, and it's nice to know you can encompass both cultures, be all of it." -Jessica

"We all like to believe that this country is so accepting of diversity and peoples differences but deep down there's a lot of misunderstanding and education that needs to go on. Just the conversation will open people's eyes." -Rob

"I want to thank you. I'm Indian. Your family expectations, I go through the same thing. Ive been here for 12 years and I feel Im a foreigner when I go back. That experience, the way you shared it, it was truly remarkable." -Brijap

"I think you captured every emotion very well. I loved your mom cuz my mom is just like that." -Maggie

"Fantastic I could relate. My grandparents are Hungarian immigrants. Really understanding others cultures is ultimately how you want to treat patients, you want to be respectful so that you're not losing trust." -Jason

"I go to see a lot of shows but this was quite exceptional. I loved your mother. I laughed and teared up a few times." -Erin

"I've lived in the US but I've been raised in the American culture. Spanish people assume I speak Spanish and I dont. Its nice showing us that you can go back and find it because it is part of you." -Val

"I'm from California and I imitated my Mexican friends. I related." -Kat

Anna Maria College, MA

"My favorite character was the dancer. She was the one telling you not to let people define you, just be yourself." -Debbie, Junior 

"I loved the end when you were explaining your name because I think having a meaning behind your name is important and it gave a lot of value!" -Casey, Junior 

"My favorite character was the Henna girl at the end because sharing the wealth and knowledge is what we should do help people progress." -Jes, Senior 

"My parents are immigrants and I could relate to all the pressures." -Sandra, Senior

"The Puerto Rican accent was pretty cool and I thought it was played off really well." -Shawn, Senior

"Something that stuck out to me is that it is easier to be angry than to accept yourself. I liked the whole show!" -Nicole, Senior 

State University of New York at Cobleskill

"I thought it was beautiful. It was awesome!" -Katie, Freshman 

"I loved her mother, very real." -Michael, Junior 

"I liked her contrasting her culture with The Bronx." -Ann, Faculty 

"I was very amazed! I related to the Indian woman. It's really a matter of how your culture comes around to you and the way it shapes your circumstances and the way you view life. I find that fascinating." -Leah, Community Member